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Please use this thread as matchday thread for today. On a tablet right now with no access to main computer.



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Not relevant to match day, but I see none of the new signings have been allocated squad number 9 - is this a sign of a position still to be filled and potentially suggesting that it's likely to be someone likely to be a starter?

Yessssss Draper!

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Will take that, but sounds like we had to really work for it and given we now have at least 2 renowned strikers it's a little disappointing that it was down to our already well established MF and DF to win the game for us. From what I heard boden was poor, it's early in the season yet but if we are to hit the ground running in the league we need to get it improved and find that target more often 

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4 hours ago, bughtmaster said:

Not the starting line up that I expected but certainly interesting...good bench too.


A particularly weak bench IMO.  3 home grown youngsters who have yet to prove themselves at this level and two new signings who have also to prove themselves at this level.  What is also of concern is that there were only 5 on the bench.  This shows our squad is pretty threadbare and we do still need at least 2 or 3 signings to compete in the top flight.

At least Richie is off to a better start than Brendan Rodgers.

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Deserved the win. As well as the goals hit bar 3 times. Warren should have been sent off before he scored but Finnie the ref was appalling. Good workout as Liam Fox has Cowdenbeath well drilled and fit. 

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