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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

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11th May 2019 @ 3pm, Caledonian Stadium
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So, what would your tactics be?  

Two-goal advantage, so an early goal for us would just about kill it. 

But an early goal for them would make it a very long afternoon, so you don't want to leave it open at the back while you're going for that goal. 

But you also don't want to hang back and let them come onto us - that's dangerous.

Or, since you can't tell which ICT team will turn up - the motivated, confident team or the disorganised shambles - do you just say "Keep it tight and keep moving forward"?

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We did what was needed to progress and that's all that's necessary at this stage of what's been a long and tiring season.

The big disappontement today was the size of the crowd. I appreciate that season tickets weren't valid but what a poor turnout for such a vitally important match.

The team may well deserve promotion, our loyal band of fans certainly do but I am not convinced that the city of Inverness deserves Premiership football.

Anyway, grump over, four more huge efforts and we might just do this.

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I think there was more anxiety in the crowd than on the pitch at 0-1 down. Certainly there wasn't much in the way of panic, though we didn't play all that well. Ayr weren't all that adventurous and couldn't believe their luck when they picked us off on the counterattack. It's hard to think of another clearcut opening for them though. I thought our forward line didn't really click today, and we didn't get enough in an attacking sense from our full-backs until Rooney came on. Ayr clearly identified McHattie as the weak link and McDaid gave him a hard time. I would feel happier if Tremarco were fit on Tuesday.


It's going to be hard to get past Dundee United - let alone a Premiership team after that - but I still feel we have a chance if we can keep our best players fit and get some momentum up.

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Thought Mchattie did ok considering he was left totally exposed by Doran, or whoever was meant to be in front of him. Pretty lacklustre stuff this afternoon but the result was all important and see no reason to be frightened of DU providing we get a strong referee particularly for Friday .

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A strange game, we didn't know whether to stick or twist.  Not a great performance,  we were making Ayr look good, but we did enough to get through. I hope Walsh hasn't damaged his hamstring too much, but young  McDonald looked lively when he came on, and Rooney gave us some much needed width later on.

We just need to recover as quickly as possible,  and give it a good go on Tuesday. Hurdle number one cleared.

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You could tell from some of the moves Ayr made, to get the ball quickly up the park - they have practised these in training, the way everyone involved knows what is coming and where to run.

Seldom do you see the same coherent plays from us - what do we work on in training??

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