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ICTFC Squad Update 21/22/23/


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7 hours ago, CaleyTennis said:

Out of curiosity which out of contract players would you keep and who do you expect to be off or wouldn't you offer extensions too?

For me it's this: 

Scott Allardice: Keep

Scott Boyd: Release 

Ethan Cairns: Keep

Robbie Deas: Keep but suspect he's away sadly

Danny Devine: Keep

Aaron Doran: Release 

Wallace Duffy: Release

Lewis Hyde: Keep

Harry Hennem: Release 

Cam Mackay: Keep

Billy McKay: We have to do all we can to keep him

Austin Samuels: Keep

Nathan Shaw: Same as I said about Billy McKay 

Robbie Thompson: Keep and give him a chance in first team

Shane Sutherland: I personally would Keep him

Tom Walsh: Release.

Similar preferences. 

I'd keep Duffy so Carson can be in midfield.

It's cruel but I'd release Sutherland also. 


Gardiner, Old Folks Home time.

Person who switched off running water in West Stand portacabin toilets - flush his / her / they head in one of the toilets. 

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46 minutes ago, CaleyTennis said:

I think that is pretty clear from our expectations of being at least in the top 4 so it's a definite DO NOT RENEW CONTRACT from me!

Talk to me about when someone last got more points than Dodds in a season? 🤔

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2 hours ago, ICTPAISLEY said:

Talk to me about when someone last got more points than Dodds in a season? 🤔

Robbo 2017/18 and 2018/19.... following 2 seasons were cut short, so can't be included.

Dodds also got more points last season, so technically he has us going backwards 🤷‍♂️

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3 minutes ago, STFU said:

Robbo 2017/18 and 2018/19.... following 2 seasons were cut short, so can't be included.

Dodds also got more points last season, so technically he has us going backwards 🤷‍♂️

6th place looks rubbish but I’m taking that with a pinch of salt when I look at how close he was to second.

I worry for next season with most of our best players out of contract though. I’m not really confident anyone is going to come in and win over our support who expect us to be winning this league.

A big overhaul is needed and it’s going to be one big gamble to see if it pays off.

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I'm very surprised that there has been no word of any pre contract agreements for any of our players so far. In past seasons we knew that some of our out of contract players were going, Shinnie was off to Aberdeen, and Vincent, Williams and Ross were away to Dundee. Have any players been offered contracts with us or anybody else? It could be the difference between some supporters renewing their season tickets, if they don't know who is off and who is staying.

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We won't have been offering contracts as we'll have had no definitive idea of what league we were going to end up in nor the playing budget to work with.


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Whoever is in charge next season, (hopefully not Dodds in my opinion), I really hope they get the recruitment right, and no more square pegs in round holes. Let's try and get a right back, instead of using Carson and losing his box to box prowess in the middle, and a real number ten, someone who knows how to play that position, and not use a winger and lose his natural assets of ball carrying and cutting into the channels. Doran can play there and Roddy Macgregor if they both keep fit. And we really really need a different option up front, we can't just bring on like for like when using substitutes, something that happens all too often, the tactics don't change, just the personel. If things aren't working for Billy Mckay, as they often don't when the team persists with playing Hoofball, then we need a different type of player, a target man. There have been terrific crosses put in by Henderson this season, but unfortunately we have a small striker, and our opponents centre backs just head everyone away.

I think this close season will be the toughest yet for recruitment, it will be another season of rebuilding. For me, I would use the young lads who are on the cusp of the first team, they must be ready to step up now, and couple that with some of our experienced players, and we might just have the makings of a good team. 

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53 minutes ago, TheMantis said:

Deasy’s away so Allardice is the big one now, and there’s Billy…

Allardice will be away as well. Obviously the likes of Henderson and MacKay will return to their parent clubs as well. Think we could see a few players move on this summer. 

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  • tm4tj pinned this topic

Full statement from ICT.


When Robbie Deas joined us from Celtic three years ago, few ICT fans would have known that much about him. 

It wasn’t a straightforward deal because Robbie still had a year left in his Celtic contract and without Robbie’s determination to come to ICT, the deal would not have been completed because other teams were trying to sign him, most in the central belt. Robbie made 113 appearances for the club and scored 2 goals. 

Since joining us in the Highlands he has been a consummate professional and a joy for John Robertson, Neil McCann and Billy Dodds to work with. We turned down several offers for Robbie because we wanted to get to the Premiership and as far as we could in the Cup and his professionalism shone through because he was never less than 100% committed to our cause. 

His broken leg undoubtedly had a huge influence on our progress this season and while we are all sorry to see him go, he goes with our best wishes and utmost respect.

Now that the historic and completely focused Scottish Cup Final effort is behind us, we will give further updates re the players and coaches contractual situations in the next couple of days but suffice to say, good work and progress has been made behind the scenes.

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Would've liked to see him going to a better club, but the step up from our level will be quite challenging. Plenty of defending to be getting on with at Rugby Park, another development step for sure.

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