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NPL Rules - 2023-24


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Rules and Instructions for playing the Nutters Prediction League (NPL) for the 2022/23 Season.

How to Play - General Information

To take part in the NPL all you have to do is simply predict the following for all First Team Inverness Caledonian Thistle matches Competitions covered in the NPL are:

The Championship; League Cup; Challenge Cup* and SFA Cup.

*Challenge Cup games will be HT and FT ONLY 

The Half Time (HT) score.
The Full Time (FT) score.
The scorer of the First goal for ICT.
The scorer of the first goal for the opposition and

The Crowd / Attendance figure. 

There is no need to register for this game. Just enter your prediction on the Gringo’s NPL Board on the forum before the match kicks off. Each game will be posted on the board approx’ two weeks before the fixture (if I remember!).

If you are going away on your holidays etc and the games you wish place a prediction on have not been posted, then please PM me your selections and will do my best to post them for you.

Post your prediction in the following format:-

1st Scorer ICT:
1st Scorer Opp:

(Just copy and paste the above format onto the board and add your predictions)

For Example:-

HT: 0-0
FT: 2-1
1st Scorer ICT: Anybody
1st Scorer Opp: Bonehead

Crowd: 3345

To avoid losing points, please use the same 'username' throughout the contest.

The Rules / Scoring system

All predictions should be posted before kick off, it is up to you to check k.o. times and post accordingly No excuses! ALL entries posted after k.o. (even 1 sec over) will NOT be accepted. Very often the match thread will be automatically locked at the scheduled kick off time regardless of whether the match has physically kicked off or not so please post early to avoid disappointment. Each game will be advertised on the Gringo's NPL board approx' two weeks or so before the game. These games will remain on the board throughout the season and, where possible, will be locked after kick off or some other time convenient to me.

H-T and F-T Correct Scores

You will be awarded 1 pt for each correct score (1-0) and result (h, a or d) + a bonus of 2pts for an all correct prediction. I.E If you predict a 1-0 score and the actual score is 2-0 you will be awarded 1 pt for the 'home' result and 1pt for the '0' score. If the score was 1-0 you would get 1pt for the '1', 1pt for the '0' and 1pt for the 'home' result plus a bonus of 2pts for an all correct answer giving you a max 5pts. (Sounds complicated but it will become as clear as mud as the game progresses). So, basically, a correct score is worth 5 points.
Please note that, unless you state otherwise in your prediction, the first score you give will always be regarded as the 'home' team.

First Scorer ICT/ Opposition /Use of Surnames

You will be awarded 2pts for a correct answer. OG's do count but only if you state this at the time and for the correct team. Please be aware of teams who have the same players surname in their line ups (including those on the bench) so please state clearly which player you have selected by using their first name(s). Failure to clarify this WILL result in a loss of points if that player scores.

Crowd Section

You will be awarded 10 pts if you are bang on and 5pts if you are no more than 100 out – over or under. The crowd figure will be determined by those displayed on the BBC Football Web Site. If for some reason this site does not publish the crowd figure an alternative recognised web site will be used. This would probably be the SPFL Official web site.

If there are no correct predictions (10 pointers) for the crowd then the nearest entrant to the actual figure will be awarded TWO bonus points. If there is a tie for this honour all involved will receive the two points.



For 2023/24 please refer to the separate thread regarding your JOKER entitlement.

Using a Joker will DOUBLE your points tally for that game.

Only one joker per game can be used. Use them wisely on games you are very confident on getting loads of points.

The Joker CAN be used on any Bonus Point games but any Bonus Points won will NOT be doubled.

To use your Joker simply add **JOKER** at the end of your prediction.

The winner of the 2023/24 NPL will be able to use three jokers the following season. Those finishing in the next nine positions will qualify for two Jokers and all others will only get one.

Cup Matches

Cup matches will be based on 90 mins only (which includes time added on for stoppages). Extra time does not count. There will be no extra points awarded for extra-time scores / pens etc. Any games played on a neutral ground the home team will be notified on the appropriate game thread.

Bonus points

From time to time I will select a match where bonus points will be available. All bonus point matches and details of how to win these points will be advertised on the specific thread. Please look out for them as they could appear at any time.

Abandoned / Postponed Matches

Abandoned and Postponed matches will be VOID and all entries will be cancelled. They will NOT be carried over for the re-arranged fixture unless otherwise stated.

Notes on 1st scorer

A point was raised about naming a first scorer after predicting a '0' scoreline. It was suggested that the entrant should put 'None' or No Scorer in the first scorer section and be awarded the 2pts. As far as I am concerned if there isn’t a goal there cannot be a 'first scorer'. I have no problem with entrants naming a 'first scorer' and predicting a '0' scoreline. It will be accepted. (Affectionately known as Gringo’s Law)

Posting for other players / Multiple Postings

You can post a prediction on behalf of another entrant (with their permission!) but please specify clearly who the prediction is for. Posting a series of predictions is also permitted but please make sure all the entrants names are on the respective entries.

Notes on Correcting your Prediction

Corrections to your prediction(s) can me made prior to kick-off by either using the edit facility on the original post or, alternatively, just re-post the whole prediction. In all cases the later prediction is used when the NPL spreadsheet is compiled.

Scores and Updates

Results and Tables from completed Games will be posted as soon as possible after each game. As I am the only person running the NPL, delays to updates can be expected due to holidays and going to watch ICT etc. As a general rule I will attempt to get the update on the NPL Board no later than two hours after the match. An expected update time will be advised on the respective Game Thread.

Championship Tie

In the event of a tie for first place, positions will be decided by the amount of correct scores (HT/FT 5 pointers) you have got, if there is still a tie after that the amount of correct scorers will be used. If it is still tied after that then I will use the average points system.
This system will also be used to determine the 'Euro' positions for the benefit of the Joker quota for the following season.


Unfortunately I have had to withdraw the prize of a small-engraved trophy. The trophy was always purchased locally but the company has since closed. Alternatives are too expensive for my meagre pension. Bragging rights will be yours though for an entire season and your name etched into the Role of Honour for the NPL.

The top ten positions will be regarded as qualifying for Europe and will be inscribed on the NPL Honours list. 

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Nice one Ol’ Gringers - looking forward to going again, the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in hard this summer. Weekends just aren’t the same without the challenge of yer NPL predictions 👍

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Can't believe it's all kicking off again in a couple of weeks. Can someone slow the clock down a bit please? Looking forward to the challenge of retaining my title.

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3 hours ago, old caley girl said:

Whoooo hoodoo! Bring it on. 

Well said OCG!

I was like the team last year: very mid table. I’m hoping to challenge at the top time time!

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