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Believe it or not, I'm only just home from this so I've had time to think about it and discuss it with my arab mates through gritted teeth. Calum Murray lost control of the game quite early on but got

Dunno why you're all so angry about the ref, according to the The Sun he had a cracking game!    Seriously though, that'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

STV reporting Nadir Ciftci has been served with a Notice of Complaint by the Scottish FA's Compliance Officer and faces a two match ban.

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Just a heads up for anyone wanting to go by bus to this game. We must have bookings by 17th February so that we know if there is sufficient demand to run a bus.

As it costs just under £600 to hire the bus we need a good number to justify the cost.

The likely departure time would have to be 3.30 or 4 p.m. at the latest, and I wouldn't expect to be back in Inverness till around midnight.

So get booking now, and we will make a decision next week based on the response - you will not be able to leave it till the last minute to decide if you are going.

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Win this and arithmetically we are guaranteed top 6. No bizarre combination of results can deny us.


I learned today that the SPFL has a seeding system where the top 6/bottom 6 are predicted at the start of the season. It's when a team ends up in the "wrong" half at the split that fixture anomalies occur, like playing the same team 3 times away. Wonder where we were seeded to be at the split?

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If you assume the seeded top 6 were Celtic, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Dundee Utd, ICT and St Johnstone, and this was the actual top 6 at the split, then we would have had Celtic (A), Aberdeen (H), Motherwell (H), Dundee Utd (A) and St Johnstone (A) as our post-split fixtures. Motherwell and possibly St Johnstone have thrown a spanner in the works though so who knows?

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Blue skies and sunshine here in Dundee at the moment, but there's a definite windchill.  :cold:


This is a massive game in our quest for 3rd place and without any hesitation I'd put it in the "take a draw" category. 


I've been at a few midweek games at Tannadice over the years and as far as I can recall we've lost every one of them.

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There was a bit of snow coming down on the A9 yesterday between Dalwhinnie and the end of the long dual stretch. Traffic slowed down a bit. If its like that today its better to get there slightly late than not at all.

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